My headhunting experience!

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April 2006. After more than a year of looking for the right opportunity in HR field, I was offered a job in Executive Search, by an Austrian company named TARGET.

I was excited…until my first Direct Search. Well…my orthodox education has been shuttered to the foundation…

Continuing with the assignment of finding the right candidates for clients, I realized that this entire “roller coaster / bungee jumping / tragedy-comedy” thing named Executive Search/ Head hunting, contributed dramatically to my growth, maturation, excitement and joy in my life.
Thank you for this opportunity!
I had the time of my life.

Now I am taking another ride, but since I am “young and restless”, I have chosen a difficult one as well: to take care and heal the people’s souls.
So, if you feel you are about to snap because the client decided to stop the project after calling 200 candidates, interviewing 15 and short-listing 4 ….you know whom to call:

Fri, 04/18/2014,

(This article is dedicated to Target Executive Search, the company who trusted me and provided an excelent environment for growth and learning. I love you, guys!)