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Laura S.: „Pe Violeta am cunoscut-o la un workshop şi mi-a lăsat o impresie foarte puternică. După un timp, simţeam nevoia de a avea lângă mine un psihoterapeut şi tot gândeam la ea, am contactat-o şi am început şedinţele de terapie pe Skype. Violeta este un om cald, cu un suflet generos şi în acelaşi timp foarte „grounded”, această calitate a ei ajută în mod special. De foarte multe ori am avut nevoie urgentă vorbim pe Skype sau la telefon şi şi-a făcut mereu timp pentru mine, apreciez sprijinul ei şi în acest sens.

Cel mai fain e ajungem uneori râdem în hohote iar acest lucru e tare vindecător pentru mine! Simt pot vorbi absolut orice cu ea, pot îmi deschid sufletul în siguranţă, ea e lângă mine şi cu mintea şi cu sufletul, în acelaşi timp„.

Diana D: „I’ve worked with Violeta from the position of patient-psychotherapeutic relation and I must express that she is a carrying, soulful and sensitive professional therapist. She is able to offer you a tiny part of herself on a silver platter, a bit of her soul and heart in order to help and heal you. She is able to bind together, both analytical, structured and solution oriented process, together with a curative touch and kindness. She is open to become both your teacher in the art of free and positive living and also offer you a sincere touch of friendship that helps you a lot in the healing process, in order to carry on and to learn how to become a valuable human being again. I recommend her unique approach and ability to offer a full package of psychotherapeutically and human wholesomeness.”


Petru O: „Violeta este o persoana pe care daca esti atent si o asculti iti marcheaza existenta, pe care nu o uiti niciodata care iti ramane intiparita in minte si in suflet si te bucuri ca ai intalnit o candva. Asa ca dragii mei inainte de a pune mana pe telefon si de a va cauta un psiholog ganditi va la omul din acel psiholog si sigur va veti repara si sufletul si mintea.”


Simona C: „Experienta mea terapeutica cu Violeta a fost un melanj de profesionalism & caldura, fara ca una sa se excluda pe cealalta. M-am simtit ca sunt insotita intr-o calatorie de cunoastere de sine, cu atentie, cu intrebari pertinente, cu intrebari ajutatoare, cu un ghidaj coerent si logic pentru identificarea problemelor si gasirea unor solutii realiste iar pe de alta parte, m-am simtit inteleasa, incurajata, relaxata si impacata. Consider ca Violeta a reusit sa ma directioneze controlat prin strategii psihoterapeutice coerente si elocvente simtindu-ma ca sunt coordonata cu rabdare printr-un proces de imbunatatire personala insotita de o mai mare claritate in gandire, iar experienta emotionala alaturi de ea a fost de reciprocitate si de consideratie, motiv pentru care, o sa imi fie foarte usor si data viitoare cand voi avea o problema, sa apelez cu incredere la ea.”




Gilles Huart TARGET Executive Search CEE, Group Regional Consultant CEE

I really did appreciate working with Violeta, because she was focussing as a Headhunter on analysis of motivation & feelings (disclosed or not) from the candidates. As a very mature person she was very open to multicultural interconnections between human beings and diverse environments. Willing to understand and translate the emotional sensitivity. I can only recommend warmly Violeta and wish her full success in her new career path!


Daniela Vercellino, PhD HR Manager for Romania & Poland; EMEA Recruitment Manager at Stefanini EMEA

Violeta was my colleague at TARGET Romania. During this period, what have mostly appreciated in my co-worker relationship was her communication skills and her way of dealing with situations by taking into account different angles. Violeta is a results driven person, but she is always willing to help colleagues.


Ovidiu Sarghi, ACCA Consultant – Production, Media, Distribution

Do you remember the feeling you have when meeting an old friend? How you suddenly fill with joy that you can share your inner thoughts without being judged? And how naturally your friend’s advice is coming with a different perspective? 
If you do, remember also that this was just happening at my second encounter with Violeta – a reliable and confiding friend.


Lucian IVAN Global HeadHunting Lead

Creative and innovative consultant, inspiring and enlightening business partner, empathic and supportive colleague. 
Constantly developing and nurturing her professional skills, Violeta is the ultimate continuous learner with a keen eye for always spotting and putting to great use the best methods and techniques available. 
I strongly recommend Violeta for any and all projects as she is able to deliver consistent and durable results with tremendous positive impact.


Klemens Wersonig Passionate Headhunter in CEE at TARGET

Violeta is a very mature, dedicated, reliable and focused person. And she also thrives on a great sense of humor. It was a pleasure to work with her. I can highly recommend her.


Iulian Gheorghe Origination & Sales Manager Romania – Bulgaria Region and Senior Trader at Bunge

Violeta is a open mind person with a clear vision ahead. 
She’s a communicative person, keeping always the wires open. 
I appreciate also the disponibility of Violeta into explain going deep on details for a propper understanding of the matter. 
She’s focused on analysis, understanding, high consistency and with a high capacity of listening. 
I definetely recommend Violeta as a good business partner, having in mind the capabilities that I described above, and as a plus, the relenthless determination that she proves. 


Ginel Bârgăoanu Commercial Director at TIPOGRAFIA EVEREST

I worked with Violeta in executive projects at Target. She impressed me with her abilities in discovering the match between a candidate’s aspirations and desires of the employer. 
She is very voluble, carefully and deep understanding of both parties in the recruitment process. A real professional. A pleasure to work with her.


Nicoleta Dumitrescu, MBA General Manager and CEO at TRACOM GROUP Romania, Owner at DCN Training & Consulting

Violeta is a consultant with deep analyzing skills and oriented to details, with high competencies in the area of interviewing and projecting potential to the people. Behind her professional strong experience she has a strong engagement and optimism, being a great leader and knows how to take a stand for supporting her observation and decisions’ looking always onto the client’s best way for obtaining results. 
She knows to see the best in people and make them aware of their real potential with easiness, strong alignment and passion for their success. Having Violeta as your advisor or consultant it is a valuable asset what can bring your project to the completion with very high efficiency. 
I am always looking forward to consolidate our partnership and I wish her success in any professional path she will choose!

Diana Claudia Dascalu Executive Search/ HeadHunting Consultant

Violeta is the sort of professional that fills you with warmth, calmness and a positive state of spirit. She is a unique combination of practical approach upon her work, corroborated with a beyond the surface understanding of the human nature. You will get in contact with a fully dedicated professional and a sensitive and carrying colleague.